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Nadine, Desiree and Van Rosa Potatoes by Pyper's Produce

Nadine, Desiree and Van Rosa Potatoes by Pyper's Produce

5kg 1st Grade Southland Nadine Potatoes

Pypers Produce supply fresh and locally grown potatoes and carrots. We grow Nadine (white potato) and Desiree and Van Rosa (red potato).

We have our own Pypers brand which is available in 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg plastic bags and 5kg, 10kg table, 10kg Gourmet,10kg Large, 20kg, paper bags. These can be found in all supermarkets.

We also work with Foodstuffs South Island Limited in supply and filling their Fresh Express Potato and Carrot bags. These can be found in New Worlds, PaknSaves and Four Squares.

Our carrot season for export operates approximately from January to July, our domestic carrot season operates December to October. Our potato season is basically 12 months of the year.



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How to Care for Potatoes

Potatoes should be stored at 7⁰C in a well ventilated cool dark place. If they are stored above this they will sprout and if they are exposed to light they will get a green colour. If there are large amounts of greening and you have cared for them adequately then return them to your retailer, if there are small amounts of greening simply peel or scrape away the greening and use the potato as normal.

Potatoes Nutritional Value

Many of your daily health requirements are found in a potato. They contain some magnesium and are a good source of potassium, vitamin C and fibre. Potatoes are high in starch so will stop you feeling hungry for a long time. They contain anti-oxidants which research shows are able to inhibit the development of some cancers, and also decrease the risk of Heart Disease.

Potatoes are low in fat and salt, so to have them as a health food, be kind on how you cook them i.e. Not too much cream, butter or oil.

Each delicious potato contains many of your daily health requirements. Here is a percentage breakdown of the essential nutrients in a new potato:

For general health and growth: Vitamin C 31%, Iron 8% and Calcium 1%
Vital Vitmin B Group: Niacin 10% , Riboflavin 3% and Thiamin 12%
For Energy: Protein 4% and Carbohydrate 9%

The potato is one of the most valuable sources of essential vitamins. Potatoes supply on average one third of our daily requirements of Vitamin C. The potato also supplies a proportion of Iron and some B Vitamins.

How to Care for Carrots

Carrots need to be refridgerated at all times, if they are not they will deteriorate quicker. As our carrots are barrel washed they do not need to be peeled, just rinse and they are good to go.